how to submit your content

How to submit your content

Often people are endlessly working on the perfect text layout for me. Save yourself the trouble! Because I just need straightforward text to work with. So submitting the content (= texts, images and other content) must be done in a simple way.

Step 1: How I prefer receiving your content

Some files, such as images, cannot be included, please send them separately (see step 2).

Only text
The best way to submit the text is with as little formatting as possible. Columns, manual terminations and illustrations only stand in the way of processing in a layout program. Indicate clearly headers, headings and captions. I am experienced enough to turn it into a beautiful, readable publication. Make a clear distinction between the text to be used on the design and the wishes for the design.

TIP: mark comments, suggestions and questions in red and placed between brackets [comments, suggestions, etc…].

Do not include images in the document
When an image needs to be placed in the text, you can add a note: [place image here: name-image.jpg] .

For the correct naming of images, see step 2.

Start each item on a new page
With CTRL + ENTER, you can create flexible page breaks in your document. This saves you a lot of hassle with entering, setting and updating.

Final text
Make sure you are completely satisfied with the text before you submit them. The final document that is delivered must therefore contain the final text. If corrections are made at a later stage, this will be a costly editorial process, which can hardly ever be carried out within the budget.

Step 2: How I prefer receiving your images

Processing submitted images can be a lot of work. In order to achieve good results, I ask you to take the following into account:

Before submitting, please check whether specific dimensions apply.
Usually only landscape photos can be processed. And never just take pictures from the internet, there may be copyright on them.

Give a file an easily recognizable name

Number (corresponding to the pages or subject), e.g.: “1-keyword.jpg”.
Short descriptive keyword, e.g. “1-our-office.jpg”.
Do not include punctuation marks (dashes), spaces or additional dots in the file name.
Preferably supply .JPG, .GIF or .PNG files
If you have other files, there is a good chance that this will result in additional work during the processing. For example, photos in PDF cannot always be isolated and must be edited before they can be used as images.

Preferably provide original images (i.e. large photos). Pictures of 1 to 3 Mb per file are optimal, so I can make my own sharp cutouts. The images you send in should preferably be slightly larger than the format in which the image will be shown on the design.

Step 3: How I prefer receiving it all together

When all content is final and provided with correct names and correct formats, it can be submitted. Put everything in one folder with simple and traceable file names.

This can now be zipped and sent via a transfer service.

Files up to 2 GB can be send with the free services of You can easily zip a folder with files yourself. You can then upload this zip file to the WeTransfer website.